Summer Beach Kit

$75.00 USD

Our 2022 Summer Beach Kit includes:

  • Any ONE 4-pack of your choice (below)
  • ONE 24oz to-go tiki slushee
  • ONE Mano del Puma beach towel/blanket
  • ONE Commonwealth straw hat

Summer Beach Kits will be available to order through July 4th for PICKUP ONLY. Receipt must be presented upon pickup. Shipping is not available. All sales are final.

Straw Hat

One size fits all straw hat with a string closure and an embroidered patch featuring the artwork from our crowlers.

In stock

Mano del Puma Towel

Nomadix towel made from recycled materials. 90% Polyester/10% Nylon. Lightweight. Perfect for the beach, camping, yoga, etc.

In stock

Summer Beach Kit Slushee

Any 24oz to-go slushee of your choice upon pickup

For Summer Beach Kits only. Not for individual purchase.

Papi Chulo (IPA) - 4 Pack

Big, round, all the hops monster of fruit and dank herbs. Hazy, unfiltered, huge body and balanced bitterness.


Wapatoolie (Tropical IPA)- 4 Pack

This tropical blonde wheat IPA delivers a sweet pineapple and mango nose, with additional island flavors courtesy of a carefully selected house yeast strain.


Time Crystals (DIPA) - 4-Pack

Cryo Ekuanot, Cryo Idaho 7, Citra, and Azacca DIPA 8.3%



Leopard Skin Culty (DIPA) - 4-Pack

DIPA with Cryo Mosaic, Azacca, and Simcoe 8.3%



Supernaculum (West Coast DIPA)- 4 pack

West Coast DIPA 8.0%

A showcase for classic and timeless Yakima Valley hops. Simple and delicate malt allows yellow grapefruit, bright pine and floral perfume to envelop your palate and nose. We pay extra attention to the quality of this beer’s bitterness to keep it pleasant and approachable.




Exotic Particles (DIPA) - 4-Pack

DIPA with Triumph, Cryo Cashmere, and Idaho 7 8.7%



Massive Talent (DIPA) - 4-Pack

DIPA with Cryo Pop, Belma, and Sabro 8.3%



Green Velvet Jacket (DIPA) - 4-Pack

DIPA with Strata, Cryo Cascade, and Centennial 8.1%



Hypercolor (DIPA) - 4-Pack

Galaxy, Cryo Cascade, and Vic Secret DIPA 8.6%



Upgrades (Triple IPA) - 4 Pack

Galaxy, Mosaic, and Strata Triple IPA 10.0%

Do It On The Daily (DIPA) - 4-Pack

Mosaic, Azacca, and Amarillo DIPA 8.3%



Marshmallow Eyes (IPA) - 4 Pack

Marshmallow IPA with Honey 6.1%



Triple Berry No Bake (Smoothie Gose) - 4-Pack

Smoothie Gose with Blueberry, Raspberry, Sweet Cheery, Lemon, and Graham Cracker  6.3%





Issa Vibe (Smoothie Gose) - 4-Pack

Smoothie Style Gose with Passionfruit, Mango, Pineapple, Tangerine, Clove, Nutmeg, and Cinnamon 6.0%





Maximum Selfie (Sour DIPA) - 4-Pack

Fruited Sour DIPA with Pink Guava, Peach, Passionfruit, and Vanilla Beans 8.3%





Lycans (Barleywine)- 4 Pack

English Style Barleywine 9.0%


The Wealth (Blonde Saison) - 4 Pack

Effervescent and filled with billowing golden currents, the Blonde Saison is more complex than she appears. Multi-layered notes of fruit, spices and bread mingle with our carefully cultivated yeast strain to achieve this dry, Belgian-style ale.

Ojo del Tigre (Mexican Lager)- 4 Pack

Dark Mexican Lager 5.3%


Māngōroa (New Zealand Lager)- 4 Pack

Double Dry-Hopped New Zealand Lager 5.1%


Marvolo (Imperial Stout)- 4 Pack

Imperial Chocolate Stout on Nitro 8.7%


PlantDaddy (DIPA) - 4-Pack

DIPA with Motueka, Lemondrop, and Pekko 8.3%



Squeeze Me (Fruited Hefeweizen)- 4 Pack

Blood Orange and Grapefruit Hefeweizen 6.5%